The Vacation Disaster Characters are, as their page name suggests, are characters that appeared in the TDM videos Vacation Disaster. Here are the characters.


Marble probably had the most major role of any Vacation Disaster Character, with some fans even suggesting Dan to bring her to the Lab. She helped Dan and Grim take down the Great Skull Dragon. She is a teenage girl with blue hair.


Elmer was the first Vacation Disaster Character to appear. He was stranded on the Skull Island, where Dan found him and Elmer lied about seeing Trayaurus. When Dan found out his lie, he left Elmer behind. In the end, Elmer was rescued and apologized to Dan. He is an old man with a classic "Derp" Face.


Tristan probably had the most minor role of a Vacation Disaster Character. He was stranded on the Skull Island and taken prisoner along with Elmer, Hogan, Trayaurus, the Pilot, and the Hostesses. He is a shady-looking man with a hat and tie.


Hogan was stranded on Skull Island and taken prisoner by the Savages. As shown in the last Vacation Disaster video, his only means of speech is saying his name. He has the appearance of a green monster wearing armor.