Thinknoodles (also known as Justin) is Dan's best friend in real life and in Minecraft. They are hilarious together when they play multiplayer games together. It is unknown where or when they have met...

He has his own wiki here

Minecraft Edit

DanTDM and Thinknoodles are famous for playing in minecraft.

  • Pixelmon (series ended): They used to play pixelmon with their other friends perpetualjordan and thnxcya. They made there own houses, pranked each other, and battled together
  • Dodgeball: They played dodgeball on a server with their other friends thnxcya and gizzy gazza, who is the owner of the server. They had alot of fun playing.
  • Extreme Golf: They recently played Extreme Golf with their other friend thnxcya. There were a few gliches in the game, but they all had there laughs.
  • Crazycraft: They recently started playing Crazycraft 3.0 with their other friend thnxcya. They have been making there own adventures in the game with the best stuff. This game is Crazy!
  • Who's Your Daddy: They also played the Minecraft version of who's your daddy. With a new update of being a Mom and with new ways to die, it's more funny in Minecraft.
  • Dr Trayaurus's Challenge Colosseum: They played in Trayaurus's challenge called the minion run. With Yellow and Purple Minions for lucky block points, funny lucky block possibilities, and a hilarious battle, what a game.
  • Cube UHC Season 3: Dan was invited to play uhc with Think.

Other games Edit

They also play other multiplayer games as well.

  • Who's Your Daddy: They enjoy playing who's your daddy. With lots of dying an a new update, they always had a laugh in the end of a round.
  • Gang Beasts: They started playing gang beasts with their other friend thnxcya. With lots of hitting, stretching, tripping, throwing, and trying, this game is funny.
  • Happy wheels: They started playing happy wheels with their other friend thnxcya. With lots and lots of blood, it is a little funny.

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