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The Diamond Dimensions is one of Dan's more popular series, besides his mod reviews ( back in 2013, in Versions 1.6.+ at that series time ). The main goal was to go to other dimensions from the mods he added, to find new mobs, kill new bosses, collect new resources, and most importantly, to entertain us. He has 240 episodes, though the series has stopped due to his modpack malfunctioning.

A post on Dan's twitter about the abort of the series--

Platform Edit

Minecraft PC/Java Edition/Minecraft Legacy Version [ Versions 1.6.4 - 1.7.10 at the series producing times. ]

What is it? Edit

It is a Minecraft Modpack survival series, and was filled with some of most iconic, known, or popular mods in minecraft at the series time. Some of well known mods throughout the series include:

  • Divine RPG
  • The Twilight Forest Mod
  • Minecraft comes alive bbg
  • Nether X
  • Nether Ores
  • Underground Biomes
  • Lucky Blocks
  • Too Many Items
  • Infernal Mobs
  • Nevermine
  • Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry
  • Morph Mod
  • Moon Mod
  • Tropicana Mod
  • The Lion King

And many.. many more.

What Version(s) did the series feature? Edit

The series dated back to Version 1.6.4 ( Date of Release: Sept. 19, 2013, ) to 1.7.2 ( Commonly known as The Update that Changed the World, )

Where can I get the modpack? Edit

The modpack is available ONLY at technicraft mods, and the two links Dan featured at the bottom of his video's info on doesn't work, for downloading.

Seasons Edit

There are only four seasons. The first lasted around fifty episodes, the second around eighty, and the third lasted only seven episodes, supposedly due to a mob, that made the world crash, and forced Dan to delete the world. The fourth season is in another world with only four episodes. The series has ended due to the modpack having malfunctions, that could break his computer.

Is The Series Coming Back? Edit

No, the series is not coming back at anytime, and no news has been reported of Dan continuing the series at anytime or point.

Can I watch it now? Edit

Yes, the series does exist, in Youtube. Go to the link below to get started on his series now!