Robo-Trayaurus is a character in the Custom Mod Adventure: Trayaurus Leaves Forever. He was created by DanTDM when he thought that Trayaurus would be leaving forever. Robo-Trayaurus's first task was to make a sandwich, which turned out to be two pieces of Sand and a Sponge. The next task was to remove part of the wall in the Treasure Room. However, He instead blew out the wall, and caused a fire. When Dan was scolding him, Robo-Trayaurus sensed Dan as "Too Bossy", and started attacking Dan and shooting fireballs at him. However, Trayaurus came back and turned Robo-Trayaurus off. He then revealed that it was April Fool's Day, and it was just a prank. Then they removed all the parts to Robo-Trayaurus so he could never be turned on again. He is now a part of trayaurus's outfits.