The Puppet Master was a character in Five Nights at Trayaurus's and The Puppet Master's Mansion. At the end of Five Night's at Trayaurus's, he appeared out of nowhere and made Trayaurus scream like a girl. Then he stole Trayaurus's animatronics and teleported Dan and Trayaurus to his mansion. Trayaurus's (Now his) animatronics were roaming the place, and Dan discovered that they were more safe if they kept a music box playing.The animatronics attacked him at times, but eventually Dan and Trayaurus collected all four Fire Charges and lit the fireplace. Once the fireplace was lit, all the animatronics were wiped from existence, and the Puppet Master appeared. However, Dan stood up to the Puppet Master, and when Dan ran at him to attack him, he disappeared and teleported Dan and Trayaurus to the Lab. He may be related to Endermen, because he has the same body shape and skin color as an Enderman, and when he appeared to Dan and Trayaurus in The Puppet Master's Mansion, he appeared as the ghost of an Enderman.