Minecraft Story Mode is another series that Dan plays because it's Minecraft. He has played 8 episodes in parts due to he didn't want the video to be long.

Episodes Completed Edit

  1. The Order of the Stone
  2. Assembly Required
  3. The Last Place You Look
  4. A Block And A Hard Place
  5. Order Up!
  6. A Portal to Mystery
  7. Access Denied
  8. A Journey's End

Number of Times Died Edit

The Order of the Stone: 0

Assembly Required: 0

The Last Place You Look: 0

A Block And A Hard Place: 2

Order Up: 0

A Portal to Mystery: 1

Access Denied: 0

A Journey's End: 0

DanTDM's Choices Edit

Episode 1: The Order of the Stone Edit

  • Dan let Reuben get a black eye
  • Dan sought out Gabriel's help to fight out the Iron Golem in the basement
  • Dan helped Petra when escaping the Wither Storm
  • Dan convinced Lukas to stay in the shelter.
  • Dan chose to seek out Magnus the Rogue with Axel

Episode 2: Assembly Required Edit

  • Dan chose to attack and kill the ghast with a fishing rod
  • Dan kept the amulet from Axel while he was distracting the griefers
  • Dan chose the Boomtown fighting name: "The Amulet Holder"
  • Dan waited until morning before leaving the temple

Episode 3: The Last Place You Look Edit

Coming Soon...

Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place Edit

Coming Soon...

Episode 5: Order Up! Edit

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Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery Edit

Coming Soon...

Episode 7: Access Denied Edit

Coming Soon...

Episode 8: A Journey's End Edit

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