Jemma Christine Middleton

Jemma Middleton is commonly known for being Dan Middleton's (the diamond minecart) wife. Dan says they met in 2009, though Jemma denies. Both of them got married in March 17, 2013, and we sometimes see Jemma in vlogs, or mentioned by Dan. The two live in the UK, and have three pugs, Ellie, Darcie and Peggy. She was born in April 9, 1992. Jemma's first ever video uploaded to YouTube was titled, "Minecraft Mini-Game l JemmaPlaysMC plays hot potato! l Episode 1." Though Jemma no longer uploads to her YouTube channel. She did a small series with Dan named, "Husband vs Wife," which sadly was discontinued. Her ship name with Dan is "demma."

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