GRIM'S TALE How I Met Grim The Skeleton Dog Minecraft07:16

GRIM'S TALE How I Met Grim The Skeleton Dog Minecraft



Grim is a tamed skeleton dog that helps Dan out with his mod reviews, in place of or accompanying Dr. Trayaurus. Grim is a companion of Dan and in many ways, a pet. 

He Came To BeEdit

Grim was originally a normal dog Dr. Trayaurus got for Dan as a birthday present. Then one day, Trayaurus made a cloning machine prototype and when Dan asked him if this machine could clone Grim, he said "Of Course!" It was then when Dan used the machine which unfortunately failed and turned Grim into a pile of bones. Later on, Dr. Trayaurus built a Revival Machine Prototype which Dan used to resurrect Grim's Pile of Bones into a skeletal Grim version.

Ways Dan Said He Got Grim Edit

Dan has said he came by killing a wolf, three zombies and then tossing the rotten flesh in a lake but later on, Dan admitted that Grim was simply a re-skin of a tamed wolf. And Dan used a mod to create grim in to a skeletal dog.

Links Edit

Grim's Tale: How I Met Grim The Skeleton Dog Dan's real name is Daniel Middleton

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