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Dr. Trayaurus is a friend and companion to Dan on most of his mod reviews. He is a Minecraft villager who conducts tests and gathers results on each mod while Dan reviews the mod in the testing chamber of his Lab. Dr. T also has his moments when Dan introduces something or someone to him, or when he messes things up. He is the only villager to ever seek teleportation just in case DanTDM may need some emergency protection or help advice or even just someone to chill out with.


Dr. Trayaurus secretly pooooooooooooooooooooooooes on the labs floor when Dans not looking or not at the lab OMG


Dr.Trayaurus normally conducts experiments in mod reviews and in Custom Mod Adventures.He is a bit cheeky as shown when he reads Dan's diary when he took over Dan's channel. He has done some unusual (and evil) things, for instance taking over Minecraft. Yes, it was him who did the villager takeover on April first, 2014.


  • Trayaurus was made using the CustomNPCs mod. He is cray cray potty

Dr Trayaurus in Dan's Lab

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