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Dr. Trayaurus is the main scientist and 2nd best buddy to DanTDM. The Dr. is in most of Dan's mod reviews, and you can find him in his Custom Mod adventures.

Dr. Trayaurus is sometimes a player in morph mod, but mostly a custom NPC, which you can find in the description of his videos.


He thinks he is cool. Dr. Trayaurus he has a huge nose that covers up his mouth. He shaves to be bald. He wears a white lab coat with a gray button flap in the middle. He has very old gray boots that he wears all the time. He wears pink underwear all the time. He has bright blond hair that he always shaves off, which is why no one sees it. Trayaurus can also talk. Dan just edits the video by inserting villager sounds and texts to "translate" Trayaurus' language.

Trayaurus' hair


  • Sometimes, Trayaurus goes days without showering, and he covers the stink with makeup.
  • Trayaurus is very scared of silverfish.
  • Trayaurus was banned from XBOX Live for life because he sucked at Minecraft.
  • He has a little cousin named Baby Tray.
  • He has a girlfriend named Stella.
  • In Dr. Trayaurus' Draw My Life, it is revealed that Stella stepped on one of Trayaurus' machines and got teleported to the Nether.
  • It is unknown how she got back. It is revealed that she got back in the Secret Rooms mod showcase.
  • He was kicked out of elementary school.
  • Trayaurus played five nights at Freddy's 2 Because Dan forced him to play it.


  • Trayaurus' Mom

Trayaurus' mom first appeared in Trayaurus and the Witch. She was disguised as a witch, but when Dan threw the potion at her, she became normal. She taught Dan and Trayaurus the art of wizardry before moving into the Underground Treasure Room, where she now resides.

  • Baby Tray

Baby Tray is Trayaurus' little cousin. He is very mischievous on the computer which he plays video games. He also has a very big house.

  • Baby Tray's Parents

his mum is very ugly and rude

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