Denton is the main antagonist of TheDiamondMinecart (though he only appears during special videos). He first appeared in the Mutant Bugs Mod but he was fired by Dan for getting him killed. Because of this Denton turned evil and wanted revenge. He recruited a lot of evil spies and created a clone to trick Dan. When Dan reached Denton, he got out his exploded pen and killed both of them. But Dan only killed the fake Denton. Again in the Robot Suits Mod review, he hid in the city statue, but Dan once again blew him up with his laser gun, although he escaped. He also kidnapped Trayaurus during the i53 (Insomnia 53) gaming festival and Dan got some fans up on stage to help kill Denton's minions and to free Trayaurus. After several shots to the heart and face, Denton fell down to the ground, presumably deceased. Denton also has a recognizably deeper voice than Trayaurus'. In the Christmas countdown for 2014, it is discovered that he is alive. He was being helped by FinBot, Fin's enemy, and on Christmas day, Dan blew both him and Fin up, killing both of them. However Denton faked his death and then later robbed the Queen of England's Jewels and Crown. Eventually, Dan found him in the face of Big Ben yet he didn't recognize him because of his disguise. Dan then accidentally pushed him off of the clock tower, seemingly killing him yet again. It appears that he missed the pool and finally died, but he left a note that said, "I Will Be Back" implying Denton survived the fall and escaped. Later in the Trayaurus's Christmas Countdown 2015, he stole all their presents and gets killed by his Christmas Command Block destroyed by Dan.

He finally make his last appearance in Dr. Trayaurus Christmas Countdown 2015 where he is in a lab. Dan finds out and kills him with the explosive device going to never put him in another video again. However, it may not be the last time we see him.

Denton secretly joins mysterious team...He and his cousin (trayaurus) was "best friend" of mysterious team's leader.

But it's been revealed that Denton will return at Dan's new book, that will be released in Autumn 2016.

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