Daniel Middleton is a professional british gamer, who is commonly known for playing Minecraft. He has hit over 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel "DanTDM." (Formally known as "the diamond minecart//DanTDM, but he changed it due to the fact of many people making fake accounts.) Dan also has a second channel, "MoreTDM," where he doesn't upload much on it. Born November 8, 1991, his channel was made July 14, 2013. Dan orginally made a YouTube channel "PokemanDanLv45." He has gone on two world tours, and is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels. He sometimes collabs with Justin (Thinknoodles) or James (Thxcya). He has a wife (Jemma Middleton) and has three pugs with her, Ellie, Darcie, and Peggy. Both live in the UK, with their ship name being "demma." In Minecraft, he has a best friend names Dr. Trayaurus and a skeleton dog named Grim. Trayaurus is known for always putting them into trouble, or in some crazy adventure. Dan has also dyed his hair multiple times. It was brown, but it went from blonde, purple, green and blue. His fanbase is called, "TeamTDM." (Usually ages between 8-14). Dan has also said that he has driven and fired a tank.

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